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Zoom teeth whitening

LDG offers Philips Zoom One Hour Teeth Whitening. Just like the name, Philips Zoom is the safe, effective, and fast! We believe it's the best teeth whitening treatment available because it's proven to whiten teeth up to eight shades. Available exclusively through dental professionals like LDG, Philips Zoom protects your teeth, gums, and tooth enamel. Become one of over 10 million satisfied Zoom patients!
Teeth whitening services in Elyria, OH

Take a test drive without leaving home

You can whiten your teeth virtually to test out the new look! Just download the free Philips Zoom virtual teeth whitening app for iPhone and iPad, and imagine your new pearly white smile with Philips Zoom products. Use an existing photo of yourself or take a quick snap of your current smile, and let the app show you the transformation teeth whitening can have. Once you have completed the Philips Zoom app experience, check out your options for teeth whitening and learn more about how Philips Zoom works by visiting ZoomWhitening.com.


  • Whiten new or existing photos of your teeth on your iPhone and iPad
  • Precise smile detection for natural results
  • Shade simulation based on professional VITA shade guide
  • Adjustable shade simulation for realistic treatment expectations
  • Share photos via email, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Save photos to your iPhone or iPad
  • Comprehensive information on teeth whitening
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