Laser Technology

Advanced laser technology in Elyria

Laser technology

Laser technology plays a substantial role in the dental world today, eliminating some of the pain of drills and improving accuracy and early disease diagnosis. As part of our priority to give you the best dental care possible, the dentists and hygienists at LDG utilize lasers as part of our incorporation of the latest dental technologies.
Laser technology for dental care in Elyria, OH

The very latest in safety

A laser procedure is often used in place of a drill, giving patients peace-of-mind and a more comfortable experience. Lasers assist in the diagnoses and treatment of cavities and identifying a tooth in the early stages of decay so action can be taken. They are ideal for procedures like root canals, extractions, and fillings, because they retain as much of the original tooth as possible. 

Cosmetic perfection

Last but not least, laser technology plays a key role in cosmetic procedures like bleaching; giving you a whiter smile with no hassle! Lasers also promote healing by avoiding radiation and drilling for a non-invasive treatment plan that you'll love just as much as your brilliant white new smile!
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