Galileos 3D Imaging

Elyria's source for 3D imaging

The best in 3D imaging

3D Imaging makes the process of diagnosis and implant treatment fast and accurate. The Galileos system helps dentists and patients visualize dental health in 3D with detailed, high-quality images of the jaw, airway, and teeth. This enables better examination, navigation, and diagnosis of health issues compared to a traditional 2D X-ray. 
3D imaging for dental health diagnosis in Elyria, OH

Fast and effective

Galileos 3D Imaging is better than an X-ray for more reasons than just crystal clear images. The Galileos system emits a lower dose of radiation than a traditional X-ray, which means it's safer than methods used by many other dentists. Because we care about your dental health, we're proud to use a 3D imaging system for more immediate, complete, safe images that improve your treatment plan and peace of mind. The results are added to your dental record, and are easy to share with your other doctors and specialists if you desire.

Questions? Just ask

We know that technology changes fast, and the science of dental care changes with it. If you have any questions or concerns, or are just curious to know the details of our treatment technologies and methods, just ask us. We'll walk you through any process until you're comfortable with every step of your care.
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